Winter Golf Tips

It can get cold on the Western slope, but as long as the sun is shining and there’s no snow on the greens, you’ll find most of us golf courses will still be open! However, winter golf can differ greatly from “in season” golf. To help you get the best out of your winter game, we’ve got some winter golf tips to share.

First, dress appropriately! Layers are necessary and so are your warmest golf shoes.  Insulated vests are a great option because they keep your core warm while leaving your arms unencumbered. You can get a freer swing this way. Consider a buff or neck gaiter for when you’re moving in the cart; that wind chill can be brutal! Last, a winter golf glove or hand warmers will keep your hands toasty. Don’t forget your hat!

Winter Golf Tips

Next, be sure to stay hydrated. Being well hydrated will help keep your fingers and toes warmer. Though you may not think you need as much water in the winter, it’s very dry here; drink up! Consider leaving the ice cubes out though!

Our best winter golf tip for on the course? Expect the ball to get less air time and more roll…sometimes a LOT more roll. As greens harden with the winter temperatures and dry out, your ball will roll a LONG way. Chances are you can still use the same club you normally would for a 130 yard shot, but instead of flying it further and getting less roll, expect it to land quicker and roll more.

Lies will be tighter in the fairways. Because the grass isn’t growing over the winter, it’ll dry out and you won’t have the plush lies you get in the fairway in the summer. You may find it’s harder to hit your fairway woods under these conditions. You might want to trade out your 3 or 5 wood for a long iron or hybrid instead.

Finally, remember it’s winter golf! Enjoy it for what it is – time outside in the sunshine with your friends! Want more tips like these winter golf tips? Read more of our blog posts here.