Winter Golf Prep

As January stretches on into the distant future we’re all looking for ways to stay in golf shape. When they’re open, the putting green and driving range are great options for working on alignment, driving distance, and lag putting. But when they’re covered in snow and so is the course, what can you do?

Check out our latest winter golf prep with new ideas from our Golf Pro BJ Hough.

First, if you are looking for a more formal winter golf routine, sign up for simulator lessons with BJ!

Winter Golf Prep

Next, work on adding upper body strength without bulking up. Dumbbell work, from hammer curls to reverse curls, strengthening your biceps and forearm muscles can help you hit the ball further, which is always great!

Then, consider using even the most basic putting cup and practicing all sorts of putting grips and options. Use this time to explore and find out what happens when you change up your ball placement when putting, or when you use a different grip. You may be surprised at what feels natural!

Finally, use a full length mirror to check your set up and swing position. How’s your shoulder turn? Is your take-away steeper than you realized? This is a great time too to get with a friend and video each other taking some swings. Slow down the replays and see what you notice!

Don’t forget our simulator is available for you to rent too! Come hang out with your buddies and play a round while staying warm and watching sports! Call (970) 255-7400 to schedule!