When your golf game goes awry

Let’s face it, we all have tough days on the golf course. Heck, even the pros have rough days on the course! So what can you do when your golf game goes awry? You can try some of our ten tips for when things get off track.

  1. Go back to basics. Think about one simple move like, “Turn your shoulders,” or “Shift your weight.” Don’t try to think about all the things you might be doing wrong. All that’s going to do is clutter your mind and make it harder to focus. Give yourself ONE thing to think about.
  2. Get over that bad shot and focus on the next one. This is so much easier said than done, but try giving yourself 10 steps. Once you hit a bad shot, you can be mad about it for the next 10 steps, and then you’ve got to move on.
  3. Minimize the damage. You’re laying 3 on a par 5 with 200 yards to go. Yikes. Now is not the time to be a hero and try to hit your 3 or 5 wood if you’re not comfortable with that. Now is the time to hit a great shot with a club you know you can hit well, and get out of this with no worse than a bogey or double (You can decide that for yourself).
  4. Stop and take a look around. Golf courses are always beautiful places. They have great views, excellent landscaping, pretty creeks and usually some wildlife. Take a minute and just breathe. Look at the trees and calm down.
  5. Remind yourself you aren’t playing for a million dollars. You’re not a pro. You’re outside with your friends or family, doing this for fun. Today may not be your day.
  6. Allow yourself to say, “It’s just one of those days.” Sometimes saying this can actually help your game. You relax into the idea of not playing your best, and that relaxation and sort of letting go can help you chill out and play better.
  7. Give yourself a new goal. Perhaps you played the front 9 13 over par and now breaking 90 is a little out of reach for you. Maybe this is the time to say, “Ok, let’s just get out of here with a 95… or maybe you say, “I’m going to work on having no 3 putts on the back 9.”
  8. Have a snack or a beer.  Sometimes we’re tired and we don’t even know it. Sometimes we’re hyped up and we don’t know it. Eat something if you know it’s been a while since you had any fuel. If the beer cart comes by, grab a light beer and again, remind yourself that “it’s just golf.”
  9. Voice your frustrations gently. Don’t be part of the problem for your friends’ game, but do feel ok saying, “Wow. This has been a frustrating round!”
  10. Laugh. If you can laugh at yourself or laugh at the shot, even if you don’t really mean it, it will help!

So, when your golf game goes awry don’t throw your clubs in the lake and give up! Sometimes that can feel like the best option, but we promise, it’s not. Ready to come play with us? Book online!