What’s in your golf bag?

If you read many golf magazines, you are probably familiar with the “what’s in your golf bag” section. In this section the magazine usually goes through all the items in one golf pro’s bag. It can be intriguing to see what clubs, snacks, and tees are there. Often the oddball items are what we’re all looking for! What kind of snacks do they have? Why is there an old glove? An alignment stick? Really?  So, let’s have some fun and discuss what’s in our own bags!

What's in your golf bag


We all know you can have up to 14 clubs in your bag.

My bag includes: a driver, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid, 5 iron, 6-9 irons, pitching wedge, gap wedge, and 3 Cleveland wedges: 52 degree, 56 degree, and 60 degree, plus a putter.  I don’t carry a 3 wood or 5 wood because I struggle to hit those clubs consistently and can get just as much distance (or close) with the hybrids I have.

Balls & Tees

Aside from clubs, I carry a variety of balls. If I find good ones out on the course I’ll keep those. New balls that I use include Noodles and Wilson Duo Softs.  As a woman I struggle sometimes with distance, so having golf balls designed for that is helpful!

I have no set types of tees that I like, although I do enjoy having a few “short” tees for teeing up iron shots on par 3s.

Everything Else

I have golf ball markers that go on my hat because any coins, etc, that I stick in a pocket just get lost.

There are always a variety of gloves in my bag.  My hands sweat and I switch gloves frequently. Also finding a right-handed glove (Yes I’m a lefty) is hard, so I tend to hang on to them for a while!

In the other pockets you never know what you might find…trash, probably, from snacks.  A bag of homemade trail mix is in there (and probably stale at this point). You will find chapstick, extra pony-tail holders, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and my tiny golf GPS. Finally, about 15 scorecards hang out in there too!

This is a great time of year to take inventory of what’s in your golf bag. Lighten it up by getting rid of some of the 2 dozen balls in there. Take stock of what you need and what’s just taking up space. See what needs to be replaced.  That way when the snow melts and the course opens again, you’ll be ready!