Western Colorado Wildlife at Redlands Mesa Golf Course

At Redlands Mesa we have so much open space! This open space is left natural when possible to encourage western Colorado wildlife to live here. Our water hazards become water sources, boulders provide shelters and in the evenings some of that rough becomes a great place to rest.

You’ll see on our scorecads that we encourage you to leave balls in the rough. Our desert landscape is fragile and lots of aniamals and insects call it home. In addition to rabbits, quail, and red winged blackbirds, you may encounter snakes and coyotes. They are fun to see from a distance but you should never try to get close to one.

Enjoy these photos of a few of our favorite golf course residents. Be sure to keep an eye out for the otters the next time you’re out on the course! And watch out for late afternoon thunderstorms too.

Western Colorado Wildlife