Tips for Visiting a New Golf Course

Visiting a new golf course is always a fun adventure! The scenic views and challenge of playing a new-to-you course will be both exhilirating and perhaps a bit daunting as well. If you’re nervous, we’ve got tips for visiting a new golf course.

First, be sure to check out the course’s website. For instance, on our website we provide a flyover view of the entire course plus an image of the score card as well. This helps you to see the distance of the course by tee color and the par as well.

Tips for playing a new golf course

Next, do some research online. You’ll probaby find a Facebook page or other images that provide you with some descriptions of the course.

Then, talk to the folks in the pro shop. If you’ve never played there before they may give you some extra advice like, “On #8 don’t hit it past the 150 marker” or “Beware the penalty area left of the green on #15!” This information is so helpful! Also, if the course has a guide book be sure to grab one!

At each hole check out the signage and try to get the lay of the land before hitting your tee shot. If it’s not busy, feel free to drive ahead if you can’t see what’s over a hill.  This is also a good idea in case a group in front of you is there, within reach of your ball but out of site from your tee box.

One final tip for playing a new golf course? Find out if there’s a local single out there willing to play with you.  Having some local knowledge can be SO helpful! In fact, you can always call ahead to a golf course and explain that and they may know just the person to give you a great tour during your round.

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