Tips for introducing a friend to golf

If you’ve convinced one of your friends to join you on the golf course, good for you! Golf is a great way to connect with your friends on the weekend or after work. However, if your friend is brand new to the game, we’ve got some tips for introducing a friend to golf.

First – Head to the driving range. Don’t take your friend who has never in their life picked up a club out to the course to play a round. You and all those around you, AND your friend will be frustrated!  Take your friend to the driving range and give them some pointers on hitting various clubs. Don’t even start with a driver, but start with a shorter club that is easier to hit, like a 7 or 8 iron.

Tips forintroducing a friend to golf

Next – Once your friend can at least hit a ball off a tee, take them out for 9 holes on a very slow afternoon at your local course. Go over some basic rules of the game, as far as pace of play, marking balls on the green, picking up if you get behind, etc. Make sure your friend realizes that sometimes it’s best to just pick up! Perhaps even play a scramble and play each shot from the best ball, or take turns hitting one ball.  You’re out here to make sure your friend has a good time!

Then – If your friend is enjoying him or herself, recommend a lesson! Lessons are a great way to learn more about grips and the basics of a good golf swing. Since you’re the one who introduced them to the game, offer to go halves on a lesson or package of lessons.

Finally – Keep going to the driving range with your friend. This is a great way for you both to get some practice in and connect with each other when the golf course is full or you’ve only got an hour of time!

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