Tips for hitting your hybrids

While we don’t often see PGA players pulling a hybrid out of their bag, the LPGA is full of them! Almost every woman on tour has a hybrid or “rescue club” in her bag and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider one too. They’re easier to hit than some woods, they can give you lots of roll, and they’re forgiving!  If you’ve never used a hybrid before, these tips for hitting your hybrids can help you to find success with it.

U.S. Golf TV has a great video here with tips for hitting your hybrids. The first tip involves paying attention to ball position. Really, this is key for all of your clubs, and if you aren’t paying attention to the position of your ball, you’re missing out on distance and accuracy.  Hybrids should be played closer to the center of your stance, more like an iron than a wood.

Next, hit “down on it.” Treat it like an iron and even take a small divot. That’s how these clubs are supposed to work. Though they can have the distance of some woods, they’re replacing long irons, so hit them as if they ARE long irons.

Finally, realize that your hybrid is versatile. Sure you can use it (ladies) for that 150 yard shot, but you can also use it off a tee, use it out of the rough when you’re worried an iron is going to catch in the grass, and even chip with it. Hybrids are great for “bump and runs”.

Head out to the driving range here at Redlands Mesa and practice with your hybrid. Try it off a tee, off the deck, and even get creative. Try a punch shot with it or practice with it on the chipping green. The possibilities with a hybrid club are endless!