Tee Box Anxiety Tips

If you think you’re the only one who gets sweaty palms and butterflies when stepping onto the #1 tee box, you’re wrong.  Lots of people have first-tee anxieties (or, ALL tee box anxieties).  At most courses the first tee is visible to lots of people walking around…those waiting for their turn to tee off, people on putting greens, etc. No one wants to whiff it or top it 20 yards into the desert. So, we’ve compiled a few tee box anxiety tips to help you.

First, get to the course in time for a little warm-up. We’re not saying you have to head to the range and hit a bucket of balls.  However, allow time to do some stretches and swing your club a few times before walking onto the tee box. If you’re rushed you’re more likely to hit a bad shot.

Tee Box Anxiety Quick tips to improve your drives

Next, take a few deep breaths as you survey the fairway before you.  Sure you may have seen it 100 times, but really look at it. Think about where you want your shot to land.  The deep breaths will also help to slow down your heart rate and release some tension.

Then, find your spot on the tee box and set your ball and tee up with an intermediate target in mind. Visualize your ball flying right over that target and hitting your landing area.  If it helps, visualize your friends saying, ‘Great shot!”

Take a few practice swings, or whatever you do for your normal tee box routine. Address the ball and make sure your grip isn’t too tight. Take one more deep breath.

Let the last thought in your mind be a positive one and then take a swing!

Finally, FOLLOW THROUGH. Shift your weight onto your front foot and watch that ball fly through the air! We all know golf is so mental. Taking time to get your mind right, with some positive thoughts and visualizations, can make all the difference when it comes to your tee shots. We hope these tee box anxiety tips help you to have more success from the #1 tee to the 18th!

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