Quick Tips to Improve your Drives

Even though the majority of us will never drive it like Cameron Champ or Bryson DeChambeau, we can still improve our driving.  Whether you’re looking to hit it straighter or further, the following quick tips to improve your drives can help you make solid contact with the ball off the tee.

  1. Narrow your Stance.  Having too wide of a stance can impede your hip turn. If you can’t turn your hips and rotate your body, you can’t shift your weight and get power behind your swing. You end up just taking more of an “arm swing” than a full swing.
  2. Shorten your backswing.  Very few of us weekend golfers need to take the driver to parallel or past parallel. It take a lot of energy to get that club back to the ball once you’ve taken it that far back. Better to shorten up your backswing to make full, solid contact.

Quick tips to improve your drives

3. Think about keeping your left foot on the ground, with weight towards the outside of your foot.  With your finish, your right knee should be getting pretty close to your left leg.

4. Make sure to swing all the way through, ending facing all the way forward. This helps you complete your follow through so that you really finish your swing. Not swinging all the way through can lead to shots that are topped or end up off line. The bottom of your right shoe (for righties) should be visible at finish.

5. Remember that often “solid beats hard.” Yes, swinging harder can help you hit the ball further, but hitting a solid drive that lands in the fairway is often a better strategy than swinging for the fences.

Think a lesson will help? Contact our golf pro to find out about clinics and private lessons to improve every part of your game.  There’s always room for improvement!