More golf etiquette tips

More golf tips and etiquette


A major part of golf is etiquette. There are rules to follow and while of COURSE we want you to have fun, following some general guidelines ensures everyone has a great experience on the course.

golf etiquette tips

First, make sure to repair ball marks on the green with a green repair tool. This keeps our greens from becoming bumpy and filled with blemishes. It also ensures a smoother rolling surface for putting.


Next, even if we aren’t requiring raking in sandtraps right now, try to smooth out the area where you walked. Use your feet or club to do your best to get rid of footprints.


Keep up your pace of play. If you fall behind, let others behind you play through. It’s no fun to have anyone right behind you and it’s no fun for them to have to wait for every shot. It’ll make your game better and theirs too!  If you’re playing with 2 or 3 others and you have a single behind you, it might be a good idea to let that person play through, especially if you notice he or she is waiting frequently for you to make your next shot. 


Do your best not to lose your cool. We know golf can be frustrating! However, losing your cool can affect your playing partner’s game too, and we know you don’t want that. So when you hit a bad shot, use the time it takes to walk to your ball to cool off. Don’t throw your club or yell loudly enough to disturb others on the course. 


Golfing is a great sport. It requires focus, gets you some exercise, and is a great way to socialize. Let’s make it even more fun by using good golf etiquette on the course!


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