Mid-Iron Swing Tips for your golf game

Let’s face it: having a great mid-iron game can be a game-changer.  Even if you aren’t the best with your driver, if you can get within 150 yards or so, you can still get on a par-4 in 2.  But if you’re constantly hitting fat shots or thin shots, or just not making great contact with those 7 and 8 irons, you’ll end up with lots of bogeys and double bogeys. Your friends might tell you to “hit down” on the ball or “hit ball then turf” but HOW do you make that happen? We’ve got a few videos below with lots of great mid-iron swing tips from some great pros!

In this first one, Piers and Andy from Me and My Golf talk about striking your irons pure and hitting BALL then TURF.


Danny Maude has 3 great “basic” iron swing tips that can help beginners, and even those who’ve been playing for years, make better contact.

And finally, Rick Shiels has ONE simple golf tip that can change your iron game!

When we can’t get out to the driving range, at least watching some videos and taking some practice swings in the backyard can help us keep our skills fresh and sharp. We hope these mid-iron swing tips will help too. Don’t forget we’ve got a golf simulator here at Redlands Mesa, and you’re more than welcome to come use it! Contact us today for more info.