Home Golf Practice

If you’re looking for home golf practice ideas, look no further. We know during this “off season” for many of you, staying connected to golf and working on your swing is important. When you’re ready to get back to the course, knowing you’ve put in some practice, even at home, will boost your confidence.  We’ve got 5 home golf practice tips for you.

Photo from Real Feel Golf Mats. https://www.realfeelgolfmats.com/product/putting-turf/

FIRST – Just hold your club. Keep one of your short irons handy and, when you’re watching golf, just grip it. Doing this works your muscle memory.  When you get back to the tee box, knowing you’ve spent winter staying connected to your grip will help everything feel more natural.

NEXT – Get a putting mat. You don’t have to get anything elaborate.  A simple putting cup or mat and cup can help you focus on your putting grip.  You can also use this time to focus on your putting path – whether that’s straight back, on an arc, etc. Put an alignment stick down and practice taking your putter back along that path.  Use 2 books or other objects to create a “track” and try to take your putter straight back and through the “track” between these two items. Finally, practicing your putting alignment will be hugely beneficial. You can take this time to decide if you like using the line on the ball in conjunction with the line on your putter, for instance.

THEN – Head out to the backyard during golf tournament commercials and take some practice swings with your driver. You don’t need much space for this, and you don’t even need a ball or tee. Just practice making a smooth consistent swing and having a good finish. Watch the pros’ finishes and try to make sure when YOU finish your practice swing, your body is facing towards your target.

FOURTH – If you have a room with enough space, you can practice your bump and runs. Use your 8 or 9 iron, something that isn’t going to go very high in the air when you chip with it, and practice “bump and runs” across the carpet. Just make sure nothing breakable is in the way!

FINALLY – Work on your strength training and your mental game! Squats, planks and push-ups are easily done with just body weight and will help you get stronger.  Stronger legs and a strong core will ALL be beneficial to your golf game! For mental work check out books like Zen Golf or Mastering Golf’s Mental Game.

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