Health Benefits of Golf

Golfing may not seem like much in the physical fitness world, but the sport actually has several health benefits. Players enjoy the beauty of nature by doing lots of walking and mental stimulation every time they’re on the course. Golf can be a solo time of solitude, a relaxing catch up with friends, or a competitive activity. No matter how you prefer to play, this activity can be a great way to get in shape. 

Physical Health

Playing golf strengthens your heart muscles from all the walking. One round of golf, even with a cart, can add up to three to four miles of walking, doing that several times a week improves your heart and increases blood flow and helps you stay fit. Your muscle endurance also improves, including upper body strength from all the swinging and balance. 

Mental Clarity 

Being outdoors does wonders for the mind and soul. At Redlands Mesa we are in awe every day by the beauty our course and surrounding scenery. Taking a break from the hustle of life and enjoying a game outside relaxes the mind. The mental reward brings clarity and sanity by doing an activity underneath bright blue skies and enclosed by the mountains. 

Playing this sport not only benefits these two things but you also can develop a community with fellow golfers. Whether you are getting competitive with old friends or getting acquainted with new players, the connection cultivated makes the experience so much more enjoyable. 

Safety Tips and Injury Prevention

Although golfing is safer and less risky than other spots, injury can still happen. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience follow these safety guidelines. 

  • Warm up before each round, focus on stretching. 
  • Have the right equipment and attiair, including shoes, gloves, sun screen and weather appropriate clothing. 
  • Be aware of other players when swinging. 
  • Stay hydrated and listen to your body, take a break when needed.