Golf for beginners: The Equipment Basics

Welcome, beginner golfers! In this blog, we are breaking down the basics of everything you need to know about golf, how to play, the equipment you need, and everything in between. There are a lot of technicalities that go into the sport, and learning can be confusing at first. With our help and a little bit of patience, you will be comfortable on the course in no time!

hand in a black leather glove pulls a golf club out of a bag. Bag full of golf clubs, iron, wedge, wood, drivers. Course of Turf Grass Background. Copy Space. Close-up. . High quality photo

The Basics:

Let’s lay out all the equipment you will need to knock out your golfing adventure.

  1. Golf Clubs: Choosing the one that suits you is essential to playing at your best. For a beginner, consider brands like Cobra, TaylorMade, or Callaway, which are easy to handle and hit.
  2. Golf Balls: Choose balls designed for beginners like Soft Fell, Titleist DT, or Srixon. Losing a few golf balls is a given, so buy plenty!
  3. Golf Bag: This is important for easily carrying your clubs around the course. Select a durable, lightweight bag with several pockets to store whatever you need!
  4. Golf Tees: Wooden or plastic pegs elevate the ball for tee shots. Opt for tees with different heights to accommodate club heights and to find your preference.
  5. A divot tool is like a little fork that you use to fix marks on the green made by your golf ball when it lands there. You gently stick the tool’s prongs into the turf around the mark and push the grass back into place.
  6. A ball marker: It is a flat object, like a coin or a small disc, that you use to mark where your ball is on the green if it’s in the way of another player’s putt. You just put the marker behind your ball, pick it up, and then put it back in the same spot after the other player has made their putt.
  7. Golf Glove: A well-fitted glove will improve grip and prevent blisters during the game. Gloves are perfect for the hands, keeping them protected in hot and cold temperatures.
  8. Golf shoes offer stability and good foot traction, especially in wet conditions. Brands Like Adidas, FootJoy, and Nike are excellent and provide a wide range of styles with comfort and performance enhancements.
  9. Towel: Lastly, having a dedicated golf towel is essential for keeping your clubs clean during the game. Microfiber is the recommended fabric for your clubs because it is absorbent and soft.

Be on the lookout for our next blog to discuss golfing rules, etiquette, and more!