Golf Etiquette Reminders: A little niceness goes a long way!

No one likes to be reminded to clean up after themselves, and the same is true on the golf course. To avoid being called out by your fellow players, consider the following golf etiquette reminders as we head into the 2022 season.

Golf Etiquette Reminders

Repair your divots

Sometimes that grass just explodes into a thousands pieces. We understand that. Other times, though, it’s easy enough to fill your divot hole with sand (available on carts). You can also replace the grass if it came up in one piece.  Both of these methods help keep our fairways healthy.

Rake the sand traps

Rakes are back on the course and raking your sandtrap after your shot is the right thing to do. It makes it much easier for the next unlucky person who ends up in the trap to hit their shot.  It’s frustrating to walk up to a sandtrap and see footprints everywhere!

Repair your ball marks

Hate bumpy greens? We do too. Repairing your ball marks is an easy way to protect those greens and keep them smoother. If you don’t have a greens repair tool, we have some for sale in the pro shop. Not sure about the best way to repair a ball mark? Check out this video from the USGA. 

Let faster players go through

Aside from maintenance, the next two golf etiquette reminders will keep everyone calm and happy. If you can clearly see that your foursome is holding up a two-some behind you, let them play through.  If you can wait until a par 3, that’s easiest. Still, any time you notice that you’re holding someone up, feel free to ask if they’d like to play through on the next hole. You won’t be rushed and they won’t be frustrated anymore.

Be aware of your surroundings

This is more of a self-preservation measure than etiquette, but it works both ways. Be aware of what’s happening around you. Can you see someone getting ready to tee off on the hole you’re approaching? Stop a little ways back to give them room to hit without feeling like they’re being watched. Not sure if that group ahead is still in the fairway? Drive up so that you can see before you hit your next shot. No one likes being hit into! Finally, being aware of your surroundings means you’ll hear “FORE” when someone else hits too close to you too!

We’re all excited for spring and ready to get back to the course. Let’s make it a great year by doing all we can to ensure everyone has a great experience. Ready to learn more about our course? Click here!