Golf Course Etiquette Tips

Whether you’re new to golf or you’ve been playing for years there’s one thing we’re all aware of: golf requires etiquette. Yes, golf is all about having fun with your friends and being outside, but it’s important to know and remember a few golf course etiquette guidelines.

golf course etiquette

First, remember your pace of play.  At Redlands Mesa Golf course we do have GPS for all of our carts that not only provides you with distance information for each hole, but also tracks your pace of play.  This is sometimes helpful, but another good indicator that you might be playing too slow is if the group in front of you is a hole or more ahead. Remember, if you’re out golfing for fun, there’s no shame or harm in picking up on a hole if you’re having a bad time. If you can’t find your ball or you’ve topped 3 in a row and you know you’ve slowed down considerably, consider picking up and moving on.  Finally, if you’re a foursome and there’s a single playing behind you, consider letting him or her play through.  If you know you’re holding someone up, be polite and give them the opportunity to play ahead of you.

Second, fix your divots. Sometimes, if the grass is really dry, a divot can sort of “explode” and that makes it impossible to repair. However, if you’re using a cart with a sand/seed bottle you can shake some sand/seed into that spot to encourage fresh grass to grow. If you rip up a piece of turf and can find it, return it to its spot to help with growth and to keep the fairways looking fresh.

Third, support your friends! Don’t forget to give Bob a high five when he chips it in from off the green or to cheer for Mandy when she makes a great birdie putt. Sometimes we get irritated or frustrated with our own game and forget to encourage our friends. That’s half the fun, right? Seeing your friends succeed?

Fourth, decide from the get-go if you’re playing ready golf or a more traditional format. In “ready golf,” which tends to move faster, whoever is ready to hit their next shot, hits. In a more traditional format whoever is furthest from the hole hits first. Deciding this ahead of time means you don’t seem rude if you hit before your friend whose 10 yards behind you.  It also means you are following some great golf etiquette rules!

Finally, when you land that perfect approach shot onto the green, repair that ball mark.  

We love when people experience Redlands Mesa Golf Course for the first time.  The views and course itself are stunning and we know you’ll have a great time! We hope our golf course etiquette tips make that round even better.  For more tips, visit the PGA site here. Ready to play a round? Find out about our rates and tee times.