Golf Alignment Tips

I often think one of the most frustrating moments in golf (and there are many) is when you hit a great shot but it’s 20 yards off line. You hit ball first, got it nice and high in the air, got the distance right, but your alignment was off. There are some easy golf alignment tips you can use both on the driving range and on the course.

First, on the range, use an alignment stick. If you don’t have one, a broken tent pole or a meter stick can work as well. Basically you need something you can align with a distant target.   Then, line your feet and club up with that stick.  Take some time doing this to notice how your body aligns with that target. Look at your feet.  Look at the club.  Take a practice swing and notice if your body is turned towards that target when you’ve finished your swing. Practice lining up to different targets on the range using your alignment stick.

On the course, do the same thing (only minus the stick).  Pick out a target and set your body up accordingly – with your feet in line with that target.  You may want to find an intermediate mark, like a discolored grass area just ahead of you, a sprinkler head, etc., and use that as a guide for your target. This makes it easier to line up your club and feet with the target.

Once you think you’re lined up properly, there is one more golf alignment tip you can use.  Some may say it’s only for beginners, but if I am unsure if I’m lined up properly, I will still use this. Pick up  your club and lay it horizontally across your hips as you stand lined up where you think you need to be. Where is the shaft of the club pointing? It should be pointing at your target. If it isn’t, adjust your set up and then swing away!

For more alignment tips check out this video by Sir Nick Faldo.  Ready to book a tee time? Do it online!