For the love of hybrids

If you asked me, an intermediate woman golfer, to pick my favorite club I wouldn’t even hesitate. My Callaway Steelhead 4 Hybrid is my favorite club, no doubt. There are still some out there who doubt hybrids, or prefer their 5 woods or 3 woods to a 3 hybrid, but for me, and for many women in particular, hybrids are a game changer.

Callaway did not sponsor this post. We have no affiliation with them; I just really like this club!
  1. They’re forgiving. Even if it’s topped, my hybrid will still go 100 yards. The face, particularly on the Callaway Steelhead, but also on my Tour Edge 3 hybrid, is so hot. The ball just rolls!
  2. It’s easier to hit than a long iron or a wood out of the rough. It tends not to get as caught up in the grass as an iron, which means a more consistent strike.
  3. It looks easy to hit. To my eye the hybrid looks so much easier to hit than a wood. Let’s face it: half of golf is confidence and if you’ve got confidence in your club, even in the way it looks, you’re more likely to hit it well.

I love my hybrids and, if I’m 150-130 yards away I’m hitting one of them and feeling confident that I’m getting on, or very near the green. But don’t just listen to me:

From Explore Minnesota Golf: “I suggest players try hitting their hybrids from locations they wouldn’t or couldn’t use their previous long irons,” he says. “I hit mine from deep rough, fairway bunkers, bare lies, divots, as well as around the green with bump and runs. They really are a different category of golf club and should be experimented with to see how they fit your game. For more tips or to get help in finding the right hybrids for your game, please contact your local PGA professional.

From Golf WRX:

“Hybrids can work with varying angles of attack unlike long irons — some good players are more sweepy, while others are a touch more diggy.

As discussed, hybrids are designed with this in mind: they have a wider sole, a lower and further back center of gravity, plus bulge/roll on their faces, which aids gear effect. These are all great designs that help the average player with impact and control. From a psychological standpoint, if you think something is easier to hit, you will make more relaxed golf swings. Relaxed swings are usually better, and most importantly, lead to shots that are findable!”

If you’re looking for lessons to help you improve your game, especially with those hybrids and long irons, contact our pros!