Five Reasons to Take a Golf Lesson NOW

Whether you’re a once-a-month golfer or you’re a fixture on the course multiple times a week, golf lessons are never a bad idea! There are always things you can learn, tips you can glean, and shots to be gained.  Still not convinced? We’ve got five reasons to take a golf lesson in our post this week!

Reason #1 to take a golf lesson:

You can gain distance. We’re not saying you’ll be hitting as far as Bryson, but we’re betting that with some time and effort, and the help of our golf pro, you can gain 20 or 30 yards easily! Sometimes all it takes is a slight tweak: maybe more weight on your trail leg at your takeaway or maybe a flatter swing path. Whatever you need to hit it further, a lesson can help.

five reasons to take a golf lesson

Reason #2: You’ll learn to hit it straighter.

If you’re struggling to keep your drives in the fairway, a lesson can help.  Whether you’re slicing it or hooking it, a golf pro can provide you with the tips and skills you need to straighten out that swing! This is one of the top reasons (in our opinion) to take a golf lesson.

Reason #3: Stick your irons

You drive it straight, but when it comes to your approach shots, something’s lacking. Either they land short, or you blade them over the green! With a lesson, a golf pro can help you understand the fundamentals of hitting great iron shots that land on the green and stay there!

Reason #4: Your short game needs work.

Do you find that you can get it close to the green in #2 on a par 4 (or even 5) but then it takes you 4 or 5 shots to get it in the hole? If your chipping and pitches need work, call for a lesson! The finesse and fun techniques you can learn for pitching and chipping can give you confidence and help you take strokes off the scorecard!

Reason #5: You’re stuck in your head.

Even those scratch golfers out there have bad days; some of them even get the yips. If you find that your game is mostly good, but you often throw your clubs, wish you’d never started playing, or are missing 3ft putts, it’s time for a lesson. Golf pros can help even with your mental game. They can teach you tricks to calm yourself before shots, new grips for putting, and keep you in the moment instead of thinking about what will happen next or what happened 2 holes ago.

Ready to sign up for a lesson? Call our head golf pro, Bernie Blan!