Caring for your Golf Clubs

Let’s face it: there are many times in a season of golf when we do NOT like our clubs! We get mad, toss the club towards our cart, throw it in the bag, and consider even throwing the whole bag in the pond. However, taking care of your clubs is a better solution than throwing the whole lot into a lake. Check out our latest tips on caring for your golf clubs.

Use covers for some clubs

Covers for your woods and putter are always a good idea. No one wants to look at unsightly scratches when you’re trying to hit a solid tee shot! The same goes for putts. Even if a scratch doesn’t actually affect the putt, seeing a scratch on your putter face can make you lose confidence in your putter.

Use a damp towel for wiping off clubs

Mud, grass and general debris on your irons and wedges can affect your shot! With clean grooves and a clean surface you get better contact for your approaches. That means you get more spin when your ball hits the green.

Store clubs out of weather

Though it should go without saying, never store your clubs in a place where they’re exposed to inclement weather. Keep your clubs in your garage, in a spare bedroom or outdoor shed. Be sure to have a cover for your bag too in case of rain during a round.

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