At Home Golf Practice

If you’re doing your part to stay home and avoid people at all costs, that’s great! For those at higher risk, especially, staying home is the safest thing to do. While our course is still open for playing, with one cart per person, we understand that that there are many of you who don’t want to take any risks. We all  have to do what’s best for us and our families. However, we don’t want your golf game to suffer as a result! We’ve put together a list of videos and tips for some at home golf practice.

A local golf pro in town says you can become a better golfer just by practicing your swing for 5 minutes in your backyard. You don’t need a driving range (though when ours is open again feel free to come use it!).  This is probably the easiest way to keep your game going.  Stand in your yard and practice your swing. If you’re using a driver, place a tee in the ground and practice knocking the tee out of the ground. If you want to practice this with your irons but don’t want to ruin your grass, you can order one of these from Amazon.

This is a very inexpensive golf mat and it’s great for at home golf practice and drills. There are plenty of others out there in different sizes too. at home golf practice

Similarly, you can order yourself a simple putting cup, or make one out of cardboard for that matter, to use in your living room. A great drill to practice a straight back, straight forward putting motion is to lay a club or ruler on the floor and practice taking your putter back and forward along that path.

Wiffle balls are another great way to make use of limited backyard space. You can practice chipping and even pitches, depending on the size of your yard, without worrying about breaking your or a neighbor’s window!

GolfersRX has this great video on indoor chipping practice too.

Last, one of our favorite online golf pros to watch, Danny Maude, has this video with fun and unique golf drills for at home golf practice. If you’re ready to come back to the course, schedule your tee times here!