Golf with friends, a few cold beverages and incredible food…what more can a girl ask for? The last couple Sunday afternoons, Shad and I have had the joy of ditching the kids and heading out to meet a few new friends and play golf…you would think we get out all the time to play golf, but not so, life gets in the way, as do kids…But we hope we can make this happen more often.

Sticks and Chicks are a great group of couples, singles (equal men and women), who just go out to have fun. There is no serious competition here, no pressure and certainly a lot of laughs. Cindy and Rob Willms have endless energy…and have spearheaded this group. I love the format, 4 person scramble, and simply go out to hope for some good shots, minimizing the not so good ones, maybe even sneaking in a mulligan or two.

A BIG shout out to the Sticks, you guys are the best, always patient with us Chicks…and you know it is always more fun to have the Chicks around anyway, even it we top the ball all to often. Ok there are a few Chicks who can hold their own for sure, Jessie among the top; you know what they say about the color pink..own it girly, she did single handedly win the tiebreaker.

Anyway, the point of this post is to get across to you that this event is all about having fun! We are not here for a Big Win…we are here to play, hang with friends, meet new friends, catch some fresh air, be outside, drink a beer or two…And finish by supporting one of GJ’s newest restaurants, Clubhouse 2325, which is by far the coolest place in town, hands down the best views, food is always good and service too.

Lyle, the Chef continues to knock our socks off with specials each week as they expand their menu…I understand we can select Prime Rib this Sunday (whoo hoo) So not only is the golf good, but we finally have a neighborhood restaurant that has stepped up to the tee and hit it long.

I hope you guys come join us one of these days, bring friends, bring spouses…Nine and Dine.

Cya on the tee box,

Nattana, Shad’s better half 🙂