Be a Better Putter

Let’s assume you aren’t the top golfer in your group. There’s nothing wrong with that! Every chance to hit the course is a chance to get better. However, if you can learn to be a better putter you can definitely move up a notch or two on the “who’s probably going to win the round” list.  We all know putting is HARD. Putting is mental. Putting is inconsistent! But there are ways you can be a better putter.

Look at the pros. How often do you see them change putters or putting grips? Now, you may not be able to change your putter and you may not want to. But you can definitely alter your putting grip. For right-handed players, a left-hand low grip is common. There are also grips like the claw, wrist lock, saw, and prayer. Play around with these in yoour living room or on the putting green and see if any of them feel more comfortable than what you’re currently doing.

Be a Better Putter

Next, take your time. Often one of my main playing partners putts before I have even read the break on my own putt. Now, some people are fast putters and that works for them. But if your fast putting isn’t working for you, then slow down. Get behind the ball and get low. Check out the break and consider the speed you need to use.  If you think you need to then look at the pin from the opposite side.  You may get a better read on the break that way.

Line up your putt. That line on the ball can be quite helpful, especially if there’s no mark between you and the hole for you to use as a guide. Know that once you’re standing over the ball this line may not look like it’s going where you meant for it to. You can move closer to the ball, further away, or open/close your stance until it all looks right. Again, this is best practiced first on the putting green.

And speaking of…practice! Arrive head of your tee time and spend some time working on getting your lag putts within about a 3′ circle around the hole. Then practice putting those short putts in without moving your head. Listen for the ball to drop!

We think these tips will help you shave a few strokes off your game. And hey, if doing that means you finally break 90…or 80?!?! Then learning to be a better putter is worth it!